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WI-FI Set up

Wireless Network Planning and Design

Eyetrosoft specializes in planning and designing robust wireless networks. Our experts assess coverage requirements, strategically determine access point placement, and design high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructures that ensure seamless connectivity and reliable wireless access throughout your premises.

Installation and Configuration

With Eyetrosoft’s Wi-Fi setup services, you can expect flawless installation and configuration of your wireless network. Our team of professionals ensures optimal connectivity, sets up robust security protocols, and fine-tunes Wi-Fi performance to deliver maximum speed and reliability for your users.

Network Equipment Provisioning

We provide the necessary network equipment for your Wi-Fi setup. Whether it’s routers, access points, range extenders, or other essential components, Eyetrosoft delivers industry-leading hardware to establish a scalable and resilient wireless network that meets your specific requirements.

Network Security Implementation

At Eyetrosoft, network security is a top priority. We implement robust security measures to protect your wireless network from unauthorized access and secure sensitive data. Our experts employ advanced encryption protocols, access controls, and guest network segregation to maintain the integrity of your network and ensure data privacy.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Our team of professionals excels in troubleshooting Wi-Fi connectivity issues and providing comprehensive maintenance services. With Eyetrosoft’s expertise, you can count on swift diagnosis and resolution of common Wi-Fi problems, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and optimal performance for your users.

Wireless Network Expansion and Upgrades

As your needs evolve, Eyetrosoft is here to support your wireless network expansion and upgrades. Our services encompass scaling existing Wi-Fi networks and upgrading outdated infrastructure. We assess network capacity, plan for seamless scalability, and integrate cutting-edge technologies to meet your growing demands.

Guest Wi-Fi Network Setup

We specialize in setting up secure and segregated guest Wi-Fi networks. With Eyetrosoft, you can provide separate network access for visitors while maintaining the security of your main network. Our experts ensure a seamless and secure experience for both guests and internal users.

Wi-Fi Site Surveys and Heatmapping

Eyetrosoft conducts comprehensive site surveys and heatmapping to optimize Wi-Fi coverage. We analyze signal strength, identify dead zones, and provide detailed recommendations to enhance coverage and performance in specific areas of your premises, ensuring a superior Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi Network Management and Monitoring

With Eyetrosoft’s Wi-Fi network management and monitoring services, you can stay confident in the reliability and performance of your wireless network. We proactively monitor your Wi-Fi infrastructure, track key performance metrics, and promptly respond to potential issues, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Consultation and Custom Solutions

Eyetrosoft offers consultation services to understand your unique needs and deliver tailored Wi-Fi solutions. Our experts assess your requirements, recommend appropriate technologies, and design customized Wi-Fi setups that align with your environment and objectives. With Eyetrosoft, you receive personalized attention and expertise to meet your specific Wi-Fi needs.

Choose Eyetrosoft for your Wi-Fi setup requirements and experience the power of our comprehensive solutions. Contact us today to explore how our services can transform your wireless network and empower your organization.